Amal Murkus

Amal Murkus is a Palestinian singer born and living in Israel. While her music has been rejected by every major Israeli record company, it has set new standards in expressions with cross-Mediterranean influences. Singing in Arabic about suffering, sadness and hope, Amal constantly struggles against exclusion and marginalisation of Arab music and culture by Israeli media.

Palestinians carrying an Israeli passport are denied entrance into most Arab speaking countries, and in their own country, they are often seen as “enemies within.” Amal Murkus, hailed as of the most beautiful voices of the 20th century by Austrian TV in 2001, considers herself a “Palestinian singer,” and believes that her national pride causes discomfort for many Israeli Jews. Her feminism has caused several disputes with the Islamic Movement in Israel.

She says “I suppose that the people from the Islamic Movement are bothered by my social agenda. I criticise not only the Jews, but also what is happening in my own society. I call for the liberation and empowerment of women. If they do not progress, society will not progress.”

Bhallelak 02:40
Music: Traditional Palestinian Lullaby
Published by: 8Note
Licensed from: Amal Murkus