Ferhat Tunç

Death threats, police brutality and endless court cases have become unwelcome companions to the life of songwriter, and political activist Ferhat Tunç. Born in 1964 in Turkey’s easternmost region, Dersim, Ferhat Tunç experienced linguistic and cultural repression as a child. An Alevit belonging to the Kurdish minority, he was allowed neither to practice his religion, to speak his own language in public, nor to listen to Kurdish songs.

Due to internal political conflicts in Turkey, where a neo-fascist group called “The Grey Wolves,” the police and the army targeted minorities, students, the working class and left wing intellectuals, Ferhat Tunç emigrated to Germany in 1979. Since his return to Turkey in 1985, he has released 20 albums, all containing songs that protest the oppression of Kurdish people, language, and culture. His songs are censored by the national Turkish Radio and Television as well as at Turkish festivals.

Several concerts have been stopped by the police, and Tunç has been imprisoned and continues to face several court cases. In spite of harassment and threats, Ferhat Tunç continues his musical career to the delight of his fans.

Winner of the Freemuse Award 2010 alongside Mahsa Vahdat.

Alisero 05:35
Music by: Umur Hozatli
Lyrics by: Umur Hozatli
Published by: Ideal Muzik Yapim/ Ferhat Tunç
Licensed from: Ferhat Tunç