Kamilya Jubran

Born in the Israeli town of Akka (Acre) in 1963, Palestinian singer Kamilya Jubran has forged one of the most iconoclastic and courageous careers in the Middle East. Jubran’s childhood was bathed in the music of her oudist father and vocalist mother. She settled in Jerusalem in 1981, and for twenty years, Kamilya was the lead singer of Sabreen, one of the most influential Palestinian music groups. Sabreen was formed in 1980 with its sight set on the development of the Palestinian modern song, reflecting humanitarian and cultural reality, and the suffering endured from political conflicts.

Sabreen represented the voice of resistance, the struggle for freedom, and a deep and dynamic artistic-political process that created a new style of a modern Arabic song. Kamilya plays oud, qanoon, and other Eastern instruments. Since 2002, she has been creating and performing her own songs and music. She is based in Paris and as any other Palestinian artist carrying an Israeli passport, she is limited in her freedom of movement as is the distribution of her music because of political conflicts.

Al Shatte’ Al Akhar 04:47
Music by: Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler
Electronic music by: Werner Hasler
Lyrics by: Dimetri Analis
Published by: Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler
Licensed from: Kamilya Jubran