Kurash Sultan

In the 1990’s, Kurash Sultan became a symbol for the Uighur resistance movement protesting Chinese dominance and cultural oppression. The Uighurs, an indigenous people of East Turkistan in north-western China, is struggling to preserve their language and culture.

Many of his songs were banned by Chinese authorities because they expressed frustrations and aspirations of the Uighur people and when the Chinese authorities ordered a three year house arrest, he decided to flee the country and went to Kyrgyzstan. Here he recorded the album ”Wake up Turkistan,” which led to an imprisonment for nine months after pressure from Chinese authorities. He wrote “Atlan Dok” (“To Freedom”) in his prison cell.

In the late 1990’s – after his release – he was granted political asylum in Sweden. Here he met one of this country’s most respected and globally-oriented musicians, Ale Möller, who invited Sultan to play in his band.

Kurash Sultan died in November 2006 – a week before he was going to speak and perform at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference in Istanbul under the title “Music Will Not Be Silenced.”

Atlan Dok 05:33
Music by: Kurash Sultan
Lyrics by: Kurash Sultan
Arranged by: Ale Möller
Licensed from: Bonnier Amigo Music Group AB